Project 1619

Have you heard of this?

I just looked it up and thinks it is interesting. I have not spent much time researching but it did spark a train of thought. What would America look like if that first ship having docked was turned away and told NO, of course we do not want to own another human being.

I wonder if we would have not learned as much hate? If we had never enslaved people, never learned to look at another human as less than would we be a more compassionate group of people as a country? Or would our treatment of the Native Americans have done the same thing? Or would our lack of exposure to other people have taught us to be so insular that we actually would end up even more scared of people who were not the same as us?

I am very lucky because 95% of the people in my world both real and online are caring compassionate people so I forget that there are hateful and small people out there. I know that a lot of people in my life find those people too much to take and remove them from their lives. I try not to. I may hide them on social media for a little bit if I am feeling fragile but I do not engage or hide them away. I would prefer that they were exposed to the positive wonderful people in my life. It probably will not make a difference but you never know when someone will be touched, in a good way, by something someone else exposes.

Be kind to each other.

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