Who Am I?

Tracy Murray

My Life in Little Boxes

I am a midwestern woman in my 50’s. I was born in Toledo, Ohio and have lived here my entire life. I have been lucky to travel to some great locations in the United States as well as a few outside of our little country.

I have worked at an assortment of jobs including restaurants, bars, darkrooms and a large assortment of technology companies.

I have met so many amazing people that have made my life richer

I spend my days doing almost whatever I want! How lucky am I?

I work a few hours a week at a cancer support agency called Cancer Connection of NorthWest Ohio where I try to help with their technological needs, their bookkeeping, their social media and when I am lucky I get to talk to other cancer patients about how important food is to their health and recovery.


It might seem strange to have a health history tab but unfortunately it is a big part of my life and I think it’s important to talk about to keep information flowing. So many people don’t have enough knowledge to be an active participant in their healthcare.In 2011 I was diagnosed with Stage 3b Cervical Cancer. in 2014 I was rediagnosed with Stage 4 Cervical Cancer.

I have had a wide assortment of therapies including 7 different types of drugs, two different types of radiation, tumor ablation in my lungs and surgery.  I blog about my health all the time and try to drop a lot of keywords in there so if anyone is googling for information they can find me and ask. Somewhere along the way I have picked up a host of other conditions and maladies to a really ridiculous point.  The most important thing,


Currently having my life run by Frank the Cat, Dusty the German Shepherd and Benny the Beagle.

Working on setting up a Dart frog bioactive terrarium with my daughters help. So that should be exciting in Summer of 2020.


I love to write snippets. Not long stories, not short stories, pieces of stories.

I love to read almost anything & everything.

I crochet strange toys & dolls

I have a shameful addiction to Reality Television

I love the warmth of the sun and being outside taking pictures with an old Nikon

I occasionally love to cook and experiment with Vegan & Vegetarian goodness

Your Guess is as Good as Mine!