Just touching base with myself

Just a little whining. My sleep pattern is just driving me over the edge. I go to sleep at my normal bedtime and I am lucky because I have always fallen asleep really quickly. Then 2am rolls around and I wake up. From 2 to 5 am I sleep in 30 minute increments. So I get plenty of sleep but the brokenness of it makes me so groggy in the morning. If I need the car I have to get up 6:15 and out the door to go with my husband and that is too groggy for driving. So I have to make a choice either be too sleepy to enjoy life or have a car.

I have been trying different types of drugs. The worst one was the sleeping pill. I still followed the same pattern but I was so drugged up! The best one was plain old NyQuil. 1/2 dose.

The entertaining part is all the crazy dreams between 2 and 6.

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