I started watching Polyamory on Showtime this morning and only made it to episode 3. I seem to have a 3 episode line for things to catch my attention. I just found it incredibly boring. I have no problem with people practicing polyamory in any of it’s forms. I know a couple of years ago there was a discussion here about polygamy but I just want to revisit for a second.

I don’t really care if people are monogamous or polyamorous or in a “triad” or a throuple. I think as long as everyone is open and honest it’s just like any other relationship group. No one says you can only have one friend, or even one best friend. Sometimes that is just the way it works out. Once you add sex into it monogamy becomes expected. I think I researched this one about when it all started but I have forgotten all the details.

The problem I have with this show is that it’s just boring. These are just normal people and someone decided because they live non-monogamous lifestyles that it would be a good show.

That’s like someone saying Tracy reads a lot and takes 180 pictures a day, the majority of people don’t do that so let’s make a 30 minute show about it and follow her life. Hellooooooooo not exciting..

Though you would get to see EVEN MORE pictures that way!

I’m not feeling great today. I think it’s just the after effects of all the barium, it may be making me a bit cranky.
Also – CT results yesterday show “no change or progression” in regards to cancer so – another three months clear. 🙂

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