My MarketWagon Experience

Okay…so depending on where you are you may have seen ads for MarketWagon on your Social Media feeds. I kept watching it and I saw a couple of posts from people that I know are real people so I decided to try it. It’s gimmick is like a farmers market delivered to you. You go online and shop their vendors and they deliver to you.

So I got my order yesterday and I was most unhappy. And here is why.

This is what I received minus a dozen eggs which I popped in the fridge and didn’t take pictures of.
This is Buttercrunch Lettuce, Baby Spinach and Arugula. NO IT”S NOT! It’s 4 leave of kale instead of baby spinach, some oddly not tasty arugula, and some lovely lettuce that I don’t think is butter crunch.
This is a Quart of Yukon gold Potatoes. NO IT IS NOT! It fits in a pint container and then when I opened it one of them was bad. I mean I have small hands and I could hold them all in one hand! It’s like one serving of potatoes.
This is a lovely Galette. It was pretty tasty but it was BURNT on the bottom and this tiny little thing as $13.00. It came with a balsamic reduction that literally was only a teaspoonful.

12 ounces of potatoes BEFORE I got rid of the bad one.

You guys I was furious!! This was expensive food I expected the absolute best.

Now to their credit they gave me credit. They refunded some of my money and also gave me a credit to use on my next order, which I will never ever use. I don’t know if it is a corporate problem or just local problem but OMG those potatoes pissed me off something fierce!!

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  • Susan Joos

    February 12, 2021 at 11:10 pm Reply

    That’s worse than disappointing. Had a similar experience the first (and last) time I ordered from a local farm market type store. For the price (and the hype), quality was lacking. I could have done better at Kroger. My daughter uses a service that she has had a few problems with, as far as misrepresentations/substitutions. I will ask her what it is and if she would recommend. I know some stuff has been very good.

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