Last Night

I had an amazing idea for a story and for a post. Sadly it was stolen by the sandman.

The nice thing about condo life is when you have a package with a signature required being delivered and you won’t be home but your neighbor will.

A quick note on the door tomorrow should solve the problem. My neighbor is 10 steps away for the FedEx person.

Now this area is filled with color from baskets of flowers. I didn’t realize how much they had grown until I saw this!

If I can avoid hurting myself in the next 24 hours, tomorrow will be the first time in a year that I visit the lovely Hannah my LMT and don’t have to start the conversation with Well, here’s the story of how I hurt myself.

My beagle is driving me right up the wall. We have had a scourge of bunnies in the yard and apparently one went under the deck and he saw it. Now he is 100% sure that there are bunnies under there taunting him. He wants to spend all his time just stalking them. I hope he never gets a baby bunny.

Frank got a small bird last week. Stupid bird. Frank is a 20lb black and white cat. He is not hidden when he is outside, he’s pretty damn obvious.

I listened to an audio book yesterday for almost 7 hours while knitting. It is a really good book! I think my eyes may in fact fall out of my head.

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