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I have been in bed for the last 36 hours with a fever and headache, completely unable to function. I still have the fever and the headache but it feels at least a little manageable now. It started with the shakes on Friday night at 2:00 am. For 45 minutes I just shook. I’ve slept for 90% of that time and this morning is the first time I am sitting in a chair instead of my bed. I’ve taken so much acetaminophen that I assume my liver & stomach will give up soon. I’m hot, I stink, and I have weird memories of the dozen or so nightmares that occurred during my fitful sleep.

Flu? No. Covid-19? No. Infection? Well, sort of. I had to infect my body with the 3rd vaccine and this is how my body reacted. I had to plan out the vaccine so someone would be home to take care of the animals. I had to make sure I could have a couple of days to just lay in bed. I was pretty sure this is what would happen because it’s what happened with the first two shots. If I reacted this way to the vaccine can you imagine how I would react to actually getting Covid?

I had to do this to myself because I am a long term cancer patient. I have damaged lungs, and I get chemotherapy infusions every three weeks. I would probably not survive Covid. I’ve been pretty quiet about the people who do not believe getting the vaccine is the right thing to do for them. Haven’t responded much, I’m definitely a live and let live person, I mean except in this case I’ve personally seen a couple of cases that make it more Live & Let Die.

The statistics are unarguable, except for those of you who apparently cannot read. People who are vaccinated have a significantly lower chance of contracting Covid-19. Of those few who do an even smaller percentage of them will get severely sick. We’ve seen this reported from every different avenue. Research companies, CDC, Hospitals, multiple countries,no one has ever disputed it. Well, except for some people on social media who have NO medical background at all.

There are many people out there not as lucky as me. They do not have anyone to take care of them. They cannot just plan to walk away from their responsibilities for two days. What will they do?

We will never get this under control. We are just creating more time for variants to emerge. I will have to get another booster in a year. I will be this sick again. I will think terrible horrible thoughts about you people who think it’s okay because so far you haven’t died.

Just get the fucking shot.


  • Tami

    August 22, 2021 at 2:09 pm Reply

    Ugh! I’m so sorry. But I’m glad you got it done.
    Because you had to because of idiots. I have some resentment. A lot of resentment.
    We missed so much last year. Trying to be careful. Because we live in reality. Unlike so many out there. Can you feel the anger? The longer this goes on, the more mad I get. We didn’t know Jim was going to die. That it would be his last birthday, we zoomed Christmas with the kids. My granddaughter is on a med that lowers her immunity. Jude starts school in September.
    These ppl that say “only a few kids will die”, don’t give a damn if it’s my grandkids. PEOPLE ARE NOT REPLACEABLE!!! And how and why are they so sure it won’t be their kids? Or their people? Why are lies allowed out there, anywhere, at all?
    My sister got hives from her first shot, including in her mouth. Had to go to a high risk place for the second where they scared her out of getting the second one. (higher chance of stopping breathing) A few months later found out after a test she has zero antibodies. (They didn’t know how long just one shot would last) so she went back and for the second one last week. She had to take benedryl for a few days before. She reacted the same as you. But only for 2 days. And she did get hives again, but less.
    As far as I’m concerned, you two are heroes. But I’m mad you had to be.
    I live in a red town with a 40% vax rate. Few ppl wear masks anymore. My son spiked an103+ fever last week and ended up in the hospital (cellulitis, not covid) A covid wing right down the hall from his room. Was sheeted off with red tape etc. There were a bunch of admissions the day he left. I and everyone there had to breathe that air? Was picturing virus floating thru the whole damn place.
    So yeah right there with you on the distrust and frustration.

    • Tracy

      August 22, 2021 at 3:05 pm Reply

      I’m sorry Tami. It’s just too much. I cannot even imagine having a small child that can’t get vaccinated.

  • Nina

    August 22, 2021 at 3:51 pm Reply

    Well said, Tracy!!
    Sorry about your som, Tami. I’m guessing it was t comfortable being in that situation, glad everyone is ok!

    • Tracy

      August 22, 2021 at 3:54 pm Reply


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