Things this week so far.

While “researching”* scalene muscles I learned that it’s not uncommon for people with lung conditions to develop scalene problems. It’s because we stop breathing through our diaphragm and instead breath pushing out the top of the chest which pulls on the scalenes. Also people with TOC (which I have) also are prone to scalene issues. Lose/Lose for me ?

I took the dogs to the vet and the vet desk person said “what are you doing here?” Apparently they have been sending me text reminders somewhere and the last someone replied “cancel”, so they canceled my appointment. Frustrating.

In the same vein – Buckeye my internet provider broke my autopayment in November of 2020 and just can’t seem to make it work. Everytime I talk to them they say “there I fixed it” it’ll take a couple of months to activate. Also Frustrating.

I have run out of patience for the world this week. Just do what I want and shut up about it.

I expect to win every contest I enter, every lottery ticket I purchase, every raffle I give money too and am so disappointed when I don’t I won’t do it again for a very very long time.

Went to the eye Dr and both my husband and I have our prescriptions rolled back to 2019 version?? What are the odds on that? We’re the machines miscalibrated for our 2020 exams?

I wanted purple transition lenses but my insurance, that we pay quite a bit extra for, won’t let me have them. If I want them I have to pay THE FULL COST OF MY GLASSES WITHOUT INSURANCE because they lab they own doesn’t do them. Fuckers.

If I keep a lot of food in my house I can’t decide what to eat so I don’t eat. Including junk food.** Weirdest diet plan ever

While I was typing this something large hit the patio door window two feet from me. It was loud but didn’t trip the motions. Scared the bejeezus out of me!

I fall asleep most nights listening to a podcast. Last night I fell asleep listenIng to a podcast on The Hillside Stranglers by Morbid. I had terrible nightmares. Normally that stuff doesn’t bother me but man those people were evil if there ever was evil.

Have a picture:

Okay – Go to Sleep now!

*There is a MEME going around making fun of anyone who says the word research insinuating that if you didn’t do your PHD thesis on the subject you can’t say you researched it. Really? What do you do before you buy a new car and are looking for the safest one? Stop trying to be pithy and read the fucking dictionary. Maybe I’ll start commenting that every time I see it. That’ll win me Miss Congeniality won’t it?

** it does not work that way with alcohol. We really drink far too much at home.

EDIT – OMFG – it was a cicada. And it just flew in and hit me in the face while i was letting Benny out. I slammed the door shut – Benny on the wrong side. Good boy sat there for a moment while I tried to figure out what just happened, I opened the door and he ran like the wind. I had to come in and grab the bacon whistle! AND IT WORKED. Also that means there is a cicada somewhere in my house.

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