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I have at least 4 blogs pinballing in my head. So I will start with this one.

  1. Epiphany!!! The reason I haven’t been reading or writing is because it takes too much time. Most things I do, I can do two things at once, even if the one is just watching television. When I read or write, I need to focus on the reading or writing and I feel like I am wasting my time.
  2. I am watching two different shows that feature autism as a story line. As I see it, and Atypical. I recommend both. The biggest lesson people should take out of it is that you just need to take people where they are. It’s okay that you want people to act like you want them to act, but stop trying to force them . This goes for big and small things. I am who I am, you are who you are, I am not responsible for your behavior and you are not responsible or mine. Do I embarrass you? Too bad. That’s your issue, not mine.
  3. I have been asked more times that I can count “which supplement do you recommend?”
They Mean this. (Also – this is my favorite brand! If you’re going to buy supplements buy from here, let me know if you’re looking for something you can’t find)
But I wish they would mean this.

I take supplements because I need to. I have specific medical conditions that make it difficult for me to get certain nutrients, so I find other ways.

4. One of my super powers is looking at a situation and figuring out the problems, sometimes also solutions.

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  • Susan Joos

    February 6, 2022 at 6:59 pm Reply

    I just finished Love Anthony by Lisa Genova. I read it because a friend of mine joined a book club at a library and that was their assignment. I am not going there in person but I can read the book. I did not care for it. Mostly because of the big woowoo factor, which I won’t get into because I don’t want to give the plot away, but also because I dislike the books I’ve read where writers go on about how haaaaard the writing process is. I’m sure it is, but it annoys me, like they’re trying to stretch out the book or something. And I can see where she thought she needed the character to struggle with it, but I still found it annoying.

    I suppose that given her background she knows what she is writing about, but I wonder about that, too. It’s like anybody presenting anything from oh, history, or even just another point of view; do they really know?

    Now I’ve forgotten what else I was going to say and it won’t let me refer back to what you wrote, so I’ll just step away now…

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