I have stuff to do next week!!! What??? I have the Vet on Monday for the beagle and the cat, so that’s always exciting. Everyone is getting shots. Work on Tuesday. I am only working one day a month now, it was something I needed to do. Can you...

My Tears Burn

No seriously, nothing metaphorical, my eyes are watering and it burns my skin. It’s been this way for years. Is it just me? Does my body produce some kind of acid tear? Tracy Murray 2020 I just saw the new formatting option. Makes it look so official doesn’t it?

Camping onLine

I got the official notice that the camp in Montana would be keeping it’s cabin doors closed this year. I am sad and relieved. I am relieved not because I was worried about being at camp but because I was worried about the travel to get to camp. I...

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