My mini-adventure

So I was driving someplace I had never been, Lincoln Park Michigan if you’re at all curious. the route I had planned to take was 1 hour and 13 minutes according to google. Cool.

So I hop in my car and then fill it up with gas and then decide I will plug in my actual GPS so my phone isn’t running for an hour in the heat. I love my phones battery and want to keep it as happy as possible for as long as possible. Now, my GPS hasn’t been updated in five or six years and if you live in Ohio or Michigan you know they’ve been moving our roads quite a bit in the last decade. So, Cool.

Once I am an hour into my drive without incident I say “Hey Google – Navigate to 123 Street Rd.” And up pops google on my phone with the last 15 minutes of directions. The very first direction is for me to get my ass off the highway I am on and then get back on going the other direction! I feel very self-satisfied at my foresight in realizing the GPS will probably be wrong.

Until…..I’ve been driving for awhile and realize it’s taking me the exact opposite direction I thought I needed to go! I think about it for a few minutes and realize I may have made one error. I said 123 Street Rd, but didn’t say the City.

doh!!!!! Luckily the one and only rest-stop for a 100 miles popped up right then (exactly half the people in the MI rest-stop not wearing masks) and I pulled off and did a recalculation of my own.

So, it took me an hour and 45 minutes to get there and 55 minutes to get home. 🙂

I have another road trip planned for tomorrow!

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