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I was always lucky and had nice nails. My nails are oval and the perfect amount of narrow. I’ve never bitten my nails. I spent decades polishing my nails. I just enjoyed it. When I had babies and not much money it was a nice decadence. Buy a $1.00 bottle of a new nail polish and spend 30 minutes on self-care. The older and more financially secure I got the more fun it became. I owned so many bottles of nail polish! Little jewels, nail art, metallic polishes. Sigh….

When I started on the HER2 chemo meds in 2014 I lost the health of my nails. They stopped growing and they started breaking. By 2017 my nails were like thin glass. They would literally shatter when hit. They are also hugely ridged. No smoothness or prettiness. I really missed my long nails but on the great scales – Nails vs Life, it was a pretty small thing.

My nails started growing when I switched to a different HER2 med two years ago but they still shattered.

Then a few months ago I switched to a new vitamin and my hair and nails are growing like CRAZY!! But still shattering. So I spent some time doing my favorite thing and searching shopping sites. Reading reviews, reading all the “top 10 nail products of 20??” And eventually I bought these two.

I have only been using them for about 10 days buy OMG!!! What a difference! I don’t know which one is the winner but I am not going to stop using either one of them. My nails immediately started feeling stronger. I put the Sozge **. on every couple of days and after I’ve had three coats on for a couple of days, I take it off and start over. I use the Onyx Hard as Hoof two or three times a day.*** Just a small amount rubbed into my fingers. My nails are amazing! They are growing fast and they have (so far) not chipped or ripped. I am so close to going out and buying fun colors!!!

** I used the Amazon link for the Sozge because when I go to their website I am met with spam hijackers. There is no benefit to me if you click the links. However hey any manufacturers or marketers out there I am always open to being bought!!

***It just occurred to me that I never read the instructions for either one. Maybe I am doing it all wrong!


  • Nna Brown

    July 27, 2020 at 2:34 pm Reply

    Well that sounds like a great advertisement!

    • tlm0000

      July 27, 2020 at 2:53 pm Reply

      I am so excited!

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