Camping onLine

I got the official notice that the camp in Montana would be keeping it’s cabin doors closed this year. I am sad and relieved. I am relieved not because I was worried about being at camp but because I was worried about the travel to get to camp. I love to travel, I just enjoy the whole experience but I am 100% sure some of the joy would be gone if I was worrying about catching a virus that has a particularly bad impact on people with immune-compromised systems and then going to a camp filled with women in various stages of cancer and recovery.

I am sad because it is a camp filled with women! I will miss those moments walking outside or getting up for breakfast and walking into the dining room with all those amazing people. I will miss meeting new people every single day that I hold close to my heart. Last year I met Cat who was in my cabin and who I just want to be my friend. She’s just so cool. And on the last day I met Megan who is just so awesome but somehow I think she doesn’t know how awesome she is.

I sure all this stuff gets under control so I can go to camp next year!

Also I ordered this sticker for my car and am pretty excited that it should be hear today.

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