Household Life Lessons

Today I want to experiment with my doll arm joints. Doll joints, like doll eyes are a one shot kind of thing. Because they are made to never separate once you put it on, you are done. Since they both go on very late in the process it is a lot of hours of work wasted if they are in the wrong spot. So now I have step back and picture it in my head over and over again looking for any pratfalls. I try to picture each step of the process and what I need to do to make sure it works correctly the first time. What will I do if it does not.

I ordered some really pretty yarn in April that got lost in shipping. It unexpectedly showed up yesterday! So, my next doll will have a very pretty outfit. 🙂

I really despise folding/hanging/putting away laundry. I have been applying (insert a lifestyle philosophy name that I suddenly cannot remember here! You know, when you stop and enjoy every second.) to it. So when I am folding I am feeling the fabric and making sure it is a precise and beautiful fold. Takes me three times as long but I feel like it may be working on my attitude.

MINDFULNESS!!! My brain is not workin on all cylinders this week.

Sold my car in 36 hours and it was a lovely experience. The young woman was so excited to get her first car and her family was lovely to deal with I really hope she does not have any problems with it. I would feel bad.

Here have a picture.

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  • Nna Brown

    June 30, 2020 at 3:14 pm Reply

    Ahhhh mindfulness! Folding clothes…yes…excellent!

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