Why are there so many….songs about.

Did you notice my browser icon? Isn’t it sweet? Most of my sites have cancer ribbons but this was just nice.

My finger is not wrapped. My typing is three times as fast and more accurate but oh doesn’t it hurt every time I hit Shift!

I have been doing morning meditations for a bit now. Recently I switched to guided meditation. I have never been a fan of guided meditation because I found it too distracting. My mediations though have changed from tuning things out to tuning things in so it’s different. There are my two current favorites.

It’s funny, I miss my silent meditations. I would like to be able to add a 2nd 20 minute block of time for that, but am having some scheduling issues, with the animals.

Why do I like prisms so much? Almost every morning and afternoon my rooms are bathed in rainbows and it never fails to make me smile and enjoy the moment.

They don’t translate as well in pictures though. I think this is the first time I’ve seen that white ball in the middle.

Just a living room rainbow

Okay – off to the rest of the day!

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