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Hanging out in the hospital all day with my husband after he got another Stent put in. Grabbed a downloaded book from the library. I got the The Peach Keeper a book by Sarah Addison Allen. I love her books. I barely remember this one for some reason, maybe I read it at a bad time.

The character in it makes lists. I thought that was an interesting thing. I was thinking I would make lists for a month. Lists of anything and everything.

Places I would like to visit. Colors I like. SelfHelp books I would actually read. I think it might reveal things about myself. I’ll probably forget.

Did I ever tell you my story about overcoming procrastination? It has come to mind three or four times in the last few days so I am going to tell you.

I read an article somewhere at sometime that said (really really paraphrasing) one of the first steps to overcoming procrastination was to smart small. When you thought of something – your next thought should be – will it take less than 10 seconds. If the answer is yes, you must do it. Period.

For some reason this stuck in my head. So for a while I did it. Here’s the think, I get mentally stuck on certain things. And somehow, this causes this weird loop in my head. So If I notice the light is on and start to walk away my brain says “less than 10 seconds, go do it” and I do it. But then everything my eyes hit on become things I can do in 10 seconds. Straighten the towel, move the chair, close the cupboard and soon it’s 10 minutes later and I feel like I have been in a pinball machine. It is very bizarre.

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  • mb

    August 26, 2019 at 8:34 pm Reply

    I recently reread Lost Lake. I have trouble remembering books that I’ve read because I fall asleep so much when I read. I love her books, though!

    I have procrastinated all day. Hmmm…I will have to remember this.

    Happy to hear that the procedure went well!

    Just wondering – when you make a new site like this do you check how it will look, behave with other browsers?

    • tlm0000

      August 26, 2019 at 8:40 pm Reply

      I am terrible at remembering what books I have read!!
      I rarely check compatibility for sites if they’re my own. I use Chrome & safari so I see it in those two across my Windows laptop, IPad and Android Mobile device so I see a decent sampling. I know you use FF- do you get a lot of craziness with it?
      When I worked I had ALL the browsers and was always testing things in multiple. These days, far less conscientious

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