Whine or Wine?

A little of both!

Today I went and bought some wine glasses. That is a big thing. We’ve been out for a long time and drinking wine out of common drinkware like peasants.

I was also finally able to schedule someone to detail the interior of my car. I know that it doesn’t seem like it should have the word finally in the sentence but it turned into a thing. Someone recommended a detailer to me and so I contacted them and then it became 8 days of conversation. It was bizarre. It was like this guy was doing everything but saying straight out Hey I am too busy and I don’t really want to do it.

Then today I ran across someone else and it was all BiM BaM BooM – scheduled for next week. I bought a new seat cover for the back to help protect from the dogs but I don’t want to put it on top of my filthy fabric so I am happy. I hope he works out so I can glowingly review him on Social Media and hope the other company sees it.

Tomorrow is my quarterly CT Scan which means a breakfast of barium. I have discovered that if I eat very lightly the day before I get less sick. So I had a giant portion of lasagna that my friend gave me for breakfast and now I’ll just snack and eat junk food for the rest of today. How sad. 🙂

Friday is quarterly oncologist today to get results.

On Saturday I have my first appointment with a Cranial Sacral massage therapist. My amazing LMT recommended I try it and I happened to find someone who is super qualified so I am hopeful. My neck and shoulders are getting to the unbearable point and I just cannot get them to release.

Monday is chemo and shot. What an exciting life. 🙂

Last night I went OUT to dinner! In a real restaurant! It was wonderful.

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