Things the Spirits don’t want you to know apparently* **

My new pattern for the last couple of weeks includes a few hours of sitting with a crochet project and mindless television going in the background. This keeps both my hands and my brain occupied without the use of a tablet and news/social media intruding on my fantasy life. Ironically my choice of programming is usually some type of reality tv, except for the five hour Friends Marathon. They were there for me.

The other day I flipped on The Travel Channel If you have not watched The Travel Channel in the last few years you may be surprised. Their main programming is travel to another realm…ooooo….(insert spooky sound)…oooo. They run Paranormal reality shows all day. I 99% do not believe that any spirits, ghosts, angels or demons are wandering amongst us. It’s the 1% that allows me to watch these shows.

So I am watching some show sort of, and They are as usual tracking ghosts and they have all these fun gadgets and equipments and then someone says that a sign that people often overlook is ringing in your ears. When you suddenly have loud ringing in your ears that could be a spiritual presence. I may have laughed out loud. DUDE! I am Freaking Surrounded!! I have ringing all the time. Different ones, different volumes. Occasionally it is almost deafening, luckily only for a few seconds, and now every time it does that I think of that damn show!***

Speaking of Crochet – how fun would this be for a blanket project?

Do NOT buy this book though – bad reviews on Font & Instructions. I have learned recently well written instructions are VERY important

I have discovered I like to make animals. Small Animals. It’s just satisfying to me. The pandemic yarn shortage is creating some unique colors in my I animals.

Okay – I guess that’s it. You are all caught up on my life. Back to my pink & Purple psychedelic giraffe project.

*While I was typing this I wandered away to get The Travel Channel link and the whole post disappeared.

** OFFS! It just happened again. This is actually attempt to post #3. For some reason my Save Draft is not working!

*** OOOO! It just tried to eat my post again! Luckily I have been hitting Save. Chrome! What are you doing to me?

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  • Erin

    April 28, 2020 at 1:10 pm Reply

    Guess where there is not a yarn shortage!

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