Schrodinger’s Cherries

Why is Everything so Difficult?

I like Cherry flavor. I like cherries as a fresh fruit but there only seems to be about a month when they’re tasty. I like cherry candy. I like cherry cookies. I like cherry cake. Well you get the idea.

The other day (week) I was browsing for some pineapple at and saw freeze dried cherries. I don’t know if you’ve ever had freeze dried fruit but it’s like the worlds most beautiful candy, that isn’t. Freeze dried pineapple, freeze dried grapes, freeze dried blueberries. All available sometimes at Trader Joe’s and so very good. So freeze dried cherries have to be the best thing ever, right? So I ordered some.

Now here’s the problem with freeze dried fruit. Any moisture at all will make them get soft and chewy instead of crispy bites of intense sweet fruit flavor. It’s a good sized bag of cherries, and I won’t be able to eat them very quickly because fruit is always going to be a tricky thing for me due to the wicked abdominal radiation 10 years ago.

So I haven’t opened them. I have this beautiful bag of cherries that might be the best thing ever but I’m afraid to open them!

I am so weird.

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