Pandemic Perceptions

This whole pandemic crochet hobby is just bizarre to me. But after two months of crocheting there are a few lessons.

  1. I am actually getting better at it. 🙂 It is a skill like any other and the more you do it the better it looks.
  2. Having said that, I think all of my things looks like trash, except maybe one owl and one pink pig. I think all of the rest of it is not worth anything but collecting in a box until I die and someone throws it away. It is really hard for me to give stuff to people just because they will look at it in person and see how truly awful it is. It’s like crafting stage fright.
  3. Having said that, I love being able to give things to people so this is really a terrible dichotomy for me.
  4. I like things that I can finish within a couple of days. Period. I become obsessive about doing it and so I need things that I can start and see an end time for.
  5. I may be a little crazy!

My current collection.

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