Not all Winds are Ill Winds. Some are just Winds of Change.

Feeling restless. It feels like a change is coming.

I have a gazillion things I would like to do today. So many that I can’t choose. Typically this means I will do none of them! So, let’s do some clarification right now.

  1. Clean bedroom & bathroom
  2. Drink coconut water kefir, start new batch
  3. Get exercise for dogs
  4. Read book
  5. enjoy beautiful outsidedness
  6. buy mushrooms for dinner
  7. eat a decent breakfast
  8. Buy asparagus for dinner? Maybe zucchini or cauliflower
  9. Go to Old Navy and look at clearance rack for dresses

I think that’s really it. Let’s make the goal to do all of them. BRB – reading and sorting list in my head.

  1. Clean Bathroom
  2. Start new batch of coconut water kefir (while 1st one is chilling)
  3. Eat a decent breakfast
  4. clean bedroom
  5. get exercise for dogs (daycare)
  6. enjoy beautiful outsidedness (stop at Botanical Gardens -learn how to use new camera accessory, dogs are not allowed there)
  7. Buy mushrooms & a veg for dinner
  8. Go to Old Navy
  9. Read Book

Probably switch 1 & 2. Okay- this is doable.

Picture to make it a post

M good books
Do you have a favorite cookbooks? A lot of my favorite cookbooks never got unpacked when we moved. This is my current shelf. My favorite is actually the blue binder. That’s where I print out things I want to try and make notes on them.

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