Yesterday I felt funny. I kept thinking I had a sore throat but I didn’t. It wasn’t until last night that I figured out that I had swollen glands in my neck and it hurts when I swallow but not in my throat, only out of my throat.

Last night I had multiple dreams about people strangling me, that was fun.

I am going to be annoyed if I get sick!! Today is a home care day. Lots of liquids, Tylenol, skin care, exercise, some pain patches on my shoulder in case there is a bunched muscle underneath pushing out my glands. Yes, it’s a thing.

Tomorrow I have four things to do out of the house so sickness would be inconvenient . Two medical appointments, trip to the post office and then dinner.

Wow – it is POURING down rain!

I wonder if I can get my blood work for chemo a week early since I will be in the building tomorrow. Hmmm….

I have throw rugs everywhere for Dusty because she slips and slides and is in general terribly uncoordinated. I got a new one for the kitchen last week and it’s a little squishier than the others. This means that now Frank has decided it is the optimal place to sleep. Something about a giant cat sleeping in the middle of the floor makes me laugh. We have Dusty’s food bowl up on a step stool to protect her neck from repetitive movement injury and Frank now also likes to lay underneath and eat any dropped food.

I have been making things for other people the last couple of weeks so today I go back to socks for me. 🙂

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