My life in a yarn bowl

I have this little yarn bowl. It holds everything but yarn. It can’t hold yarn because #1 I rarely use balls of yarn and #2 it’s full of other stuff.

The other day after much effort and water and slippery lotion I took of my wedding ring. My arthritis in that particular finger had caused my knuckle to swell, a lot.

So today I looked over and thought “I think I will put it on now”. My finger was looking pretty fit & trim. I also thought putting jewelry in that bowl was a terrible terrible habit to get into!

So I stuck my hand in there and found 18 earrings, three bracelets, 1 necklace, and 4 rings!! I don’t even remember putting anything in there except my wedding band! OMG! I am such a weirdo.

That is all.

Good night.

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  • Erin OBryan

    November 11, 2022 at 4:04 pm Reply

    You’re a weirdo like the rest of the family, and there’s nothing wrong with that. My basket is bigger than your bowl and will have the same things in it plus 7 pens, vitamins I vow to take and then can’t find them etc.

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