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Yesterday was a travel day. As standard par for myself I was sick on Tuesday which made traveling all day Wednesday a challenge. Nothing terribly out of the norm happened during flights or layovers, though I did think there was going to be a “turn the cell phone off or we’re turning this plane around” situation, Guy kept sneaking onto his phone. Asshat.

Oh, and I saw a guy steal stuff from Auntie Anne’s at Salt Lake City Airport. I kept waiting for him to turn around and come back, but he didn’t.

Got to the hotel at 6 and they didn’t have any rooms ready. 🙁 blah. By the time I got to the hotel I was so so tired (inexplicably one of my eyes was incredibly creepily bloodshot) and really not feeling good.

I was asleep by 8 local time after some tea. Slept on and off for 8 hours. Not feeling perfect, but feeling hopeful to feeling better.

Hanging out in the hotel getting ready to go meet up with the camp bus and my 65 friends. The problem with anticipating a trip is you don’t want it to start, because then that euphoric anticipation is done. We humans are so weird. I also realized that there is that niggling feeling in the back of my head of terror at losing all my solitude. Which is a lie! There are plenty of opportunities to just sit and be mellow or read a book or whatever, No pressures no responsibilities. That’s one of the things that made it so amazing.

Looks like the weather will be perfection.

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