Just a little sleepy whine

I am in the sleep cycle of waking every 90 minutes for four minutes then back to sleep. It is fine, I have no early morning appointments so sleeping a little later is acceptable but it is tiring after a few weeks. Every morning I feel like I had a wild night of partying without the fond memories.

This morning though I had a dream that had 20 different themes and locations including Shirley Temple, a giant whale and a hipster restaurant but the most disturbing part for me was that I was injured. I had multiple areas of injury including three areas where I had stitches. I woke up all the way and said no more when in the dream, I reached up and touched the stitches over my eyes. Ick.

I am a little beat up but for less obvious reasons. I woke up and my finger is super sore and swollen. Why? I do not know. It hurts under the fingernail. I also woke up at one point with my lymphedema throbbing. I am super unhappy about that. I have a section of my leg that swells up more than the rest and it looks like I have a golf ball under the skin of my ankle.

Compression Compression Compression!

I do 30 minutes of cardio every morning for my lungs to go with some basic yoga stretches and I always do it on an empty stomach to engage a little appropriate fat burn to start my day. This morning one of my first thoughts was REST DAY ! Though, I do not really work hard enough to ever take a rest day. I am just tired. I did not eat enough food yesterday and woke up hungry!

A few weeks ago my living room lamp died. I spent a week looking for a lamp and finally ordered online from Wayfair. Then FedEx lost it. Then FedEx found it, delivered it, and it was missing the lamp shade, and broken. Since it was also shipped not in original packaging I am guessing this was not a fedex problem. WayFair was fine they refunded me but dang now I still need a lamp! You must have light in the living room. I am tired of ugly and cheap just because it is available so I have really made a concerted effort to replace things that break with better things and lamps are a pain in the ass. They are expensive if they are nice, they are frequently sold in pairs, and they are just annoying.

Okay. More awake now. Off to the bike. 🙂

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