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A Tale of Gluttony

I’ve been ordering food every couple of weeks from an amazing Vegan cook. She has a setup that I knew was going to bite me in the ass eventually. You order food during the week, up till Friday. Then you pick it up on Tuesday evening.

So I ordered three dishes for this week thinking it would last me Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & maybe leftovers Friday. This is not chemo week for me so I planned on eating real food all week. EXCEPT….

I didn’t realize this week was CT Scan week. I have it scheduled for Thursday morning. Now you’re all – so? It’s just a scan?? Except, it’s not. It’s a scan for which I must drink Redi-Cat2. I don’t have a problem with drinking it however my body has a distinct problem with it when it hits my intestines! I discovered last year that it is worse if I eat within the 18 hours or so before. So normally I eat very lightly the day before and just hydrate a lot. So this means Wednesday I need to eat lightly.

Well first I went out with my daughter for lunch on Tuesday and I was really hungry and it was really good (pineapple fried rice) so I ate twice as much as normal. Then I picked up my food from the Vegan lady.

I thought, hmmm, I can’t let it sit in my fridge until Thursday afternoon, right? I’ll just pick one of the dishes and eat it for dinner on Tuesday and then maybe finish it for breakfast on Wednesday and that way I’m not opening the containers until Thursday so everything stays fresh and good.

I heated up half the portion of pasta and then while it was heating I tried a spoonful of the quinoa salad. That was the next mistake. It is so good!!! It’s got lemon & dill which is amazing. It’s like popping a bit of summer in my mouth.

So the pasta was unexpectedly spicy so I added a little more quinoa salad for the cooling effect. So full, so good. The mixture of side bites of lemony fresh cool quinoa while eating spicy rich hot pasta with broccolini and sausage…a match made to be together.

This morning I thought, well now what do I do? I need to eat the pasta – It’s opened and dug through and I know I won’t eat if I wait until Thursday. So I heated it up and then…well… I need the salad for cooling effect? Right?


OMG I am so full! I will just be rolling into the afternoon! I’m going to be so sick during my scan!!

And there’s still quinoa left! I also have a beautiful looking Green Goddess Salad that I will save (I WILL NOT OPEN IT) until Thursday afternoon.

I’m going to need her to post menu’s filled with food I don’t like for a couple of weeks so I can drop this weight I’m suddenly packing on!


  • Susan Joos

    April 6, 2022 at 6:50 pm Reply

    Lol at “I WILL NOT OPEN IT”

    It sounds really good!

    • Tracy

      April 6, 2022 at 7:10 pm Reply

      Having someone else make the food that you would make if you had the use of a personal chef at all times is both a blessing and a curse!

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