Is Jupiter Ascending

Or Mars blocking Venus or some such thing? It’s been an odd week or so. I look around and see people are sick, animals are sick, things are just not going as planned, just nothing quite right. Plans awry.

OH! And my glasses are definitely wrong. I don’t know if it’s placement or prescription but I gotta go back and I do not want To. They don’t fit right on my nose either. Annoying.

Somewhere in the last decade of my life I apparently learned to stop blaming myself for others unhappiness. I do what I can, when I can, to help people, but I know that I am not the be all end all of your life. You are. My control ends at my frontal lobe. Just a little tidbit.

I haven’t even been able to get much crochet done!!! I’m working on a fun little project for my sister and it’s taking much longer than it should.

This week is cancer camp week, I SHOULD be in Montana! I am not, but last night I had a zoom call with 30 women from camp, and then a little later we played Family Feud. The camp is putting it all together so all I have to do it login into zoom at the right time. No pressure, which was also the nice thing about camp. No pressure to be or do anything.

I wish I could convince my little group of online friends to all get together on zoom occasionally. That would be a nice lift.

Chemo was yesterday morning so my body is feeling a little annoyed today. I may or may not have forgotten to take my premed and it does make a difference.

I think I will go make another cup of coffee and get myself out of bed. I didn’t sleep well *shock* and I feeling like if I lay here to long I will nap.

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