Blame Facebook for This

Over the last few weeks I kept getting targeted ads on Facebook for at home Lash Lift kits. I finally clicked on one and started researching and I really wanted to try it. I just couldn’t do it though because the thought of putting perm solution next to my eye was freaking me out! I’m just not that coordinated. So the other day I asked around and decided to take the plunge and make an appointment at a local salon that I have been to for other services.

It’s a nice private room, though the table was so high I had to jump up! After laying for an hour’ish I wasn’t sure my hips were going to let me get off of it! *

But I did. The woman who did the lash lift was very nice and I felt verY comfortable, her name was Morgan. She cleaned my eyes and took before pictures for her own social media, and mine.


Then the fun really began. She put pads on my eyes and then one by one glued my eyelashes to the pad.

If feels just as strange as it looks. Then she applied a perm solution and let it sit for 10 minutes. She stays right there while it’s working, occasionally pushing down an errant popping up eyelash. It didn’t hurt. Then apply second solution for another ten minutes. Then an oil to clean the glue off, or should I say cleaned off most of the glue. The hardest part is keeping your eyes closed for 30 minutes or so. I’ve seen other salons that use these giant plastic clips instead of the glue method and I think that would be a easier because the weight would keep your eyes closed.
Then Tadaa!

So now it’s the next day and my lashes are still sticking up and out. 🙂 I will not wear mascara today, that’s part of the aftercare. No water on your new perm for 24-48 hours. I will take a shower today so I will have to be careful. Just like a regular perm. Long term aftercare is normal eyelash love but no more oils. I use coconut oil on my face and eyes so I will have to stop that.

Everyone asks how long it lasts. That’s really up to your body. Your eyelashes have a natural growth and fall-out cycle so depending on your cycle it is predicted to be 6 to 10 weeks. I use a lash growth serum (which I highly recommend if you have lost your lashes to chemo) so mine should Be on the long end of the spectrum.

Today my eyes feel a little dry, but my eyes are always a little dry and sensitive so I don’t think it has anything to do with the eyelash lift. I will put some eye drops in next time I get out of bed.

I will definitely try this one more time at least but I will add tint. That’s right you can not only perm your lashes you can DYE THEM!! I think if I did that I would not wear mascara at all. Going to need to sell more F-Bombs to pay for this.

*Morgan, get a stool and keep it there!

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  • Nina

    September 2, 2020 at 1:14 pm Reply

    Fascinating!!!! Who knew!!!

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