Good Morning

Just checking in

I woke up this morning and wandered out with the insistent cat and beagle and felt happy. My home is quiet and warm and reasonably clean. I have just enough left over food to eat all day. My house with filled with family yesterday and everyone seemed happy. We even got to sing happy birthday.

Today I have one meh thing to do and one fun thing to do.

My cold is definitely progressing to a non-cold.

I did not blow up the potatoes in my first try and instant-pot mashed potatoes.

My first ever sweet potato casserole came out tasty.

My Word Press seems to be broken but I will fix it later.

I hope your day is lovely.


  • Susan Joos

    November 24, 2023 at 1:52 pm Reply

    I’m so glad to hear that you had a good Thanksgiving and your cold is better!

    lol at the Instant Pot! I get it; I felt that way at first, too, but I love mine now.

    Enjoying the thought of all of my leftovers, too.

  • Tami B

    November 26, 2023 at 12:58 pm Reply

    That’s a nice feeling.
    Funniest thing that happened for me at Thanksgiving, there are about 30 ppl split up in groups in this big open space. My nephew asks his 3 year old son to pick up some toys. He says “clean up clean up” to encourage him. Every person there has the bright idea to pick up the song and we all spontaneously sang the whole clean up song. It was pretty funny. The 3 yr. froze and stared at his dad til we were done.

    • Tracy

      November 29, 2023 at 1:42 pm Reply

      I first read that as 330 people and I thought oh shit! That’s a big family meal!

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