Autism & ADHD & Acceptance

I stumbled across this interview this morning and I thought it was interesting.

Josh Thomas and Cast of Everything’s Gonna be Okay

I watch (ed) both of his shows. They’re quirky but in some ways very real. When I watch them I see so much of my own family in them.

I do not deal with ADHD or ADD or Autism for myself but one of the responses in this mini interview caught my attention because it’s a huge thing.

“And then I remember that the [doctor I was] talking to about ADHD, she says to me, “You know, [it’s incurable.]” Most people, they don’t get that, to be sat down, given a list of their flaws and be told, like, “This is never gonna change,” right? But I found that really empowering. I was like, “Oh, OK, well, that’s nice to know. I’ll stop, like, beating myself over those failures.””

This is one of the better things that a cancer diagnosis brought me. There are certain parts of me that just are. I am messy. I pile things. I dislike talking on the phone. I have now added I am fatigued, I have low stamina, and I am a little weak. I don’t apologize for these things anymore. It’s just who I am. It’s not better or worse than someone else, it’s JUST WHO I AM.

I don’t think I should ever stop trying to be a better person, and stop trying to do better at things that are not my best qualities, or that make life more difficult for others**, but I do not look at them as important faults anymore. No more than I would look at my less than towering height, or my bad eyes as something to apologize for. It’s just me.

**This does not excuse anyone who is just an ass. You do not need to be mean or rude to people no matter how you’re born.

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