I’m in a funk. I feel like everything I look at, touch, create is ugly. My hair is ugly, my face is ugly, my turtle is ugly, my house is ugly, my car is ugly. For me this is a dangerous mood because I tend to make large sweeping changes and or buy tons of stuff to make me or my surroundings feel better.

Autumn is definitely my blue funk month but its too early, I think this is just rotational mood. I feel weak and sickly. I had a mammogram and a dexascan last week (did I already post this? Is my mind going too? Is there a scan for that?) my mammogram was fine the dexa not so much. Sigh.. Now I have to schedule my echocardiogram. It’s all I do. Eat, crochet, medical stuff. Oh, and sleep. I have been sleeping A LOT! What a waste of time.

Blurry Sleepy Beagle

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