Have you ever tried a Baru Nut?

Baru Nut

I’ve heard about them in the past but never ran across them, until last week. I was browsing the website looking for pineapple and saw Baru Nuts. So I ordered some to try.

They look like the wooden toggles you find on cozy sweaters or maybe a small larva of an alien. I really like the flavor but they are also a very solid snack! Solid as in, be careful how you bite down on them if you have teeth prone to breaking. I am such an easy mark for trying anything I’ve never had before!

Also – the pineapple is ridiculous. It’s like the sweetest tastiest treat ever. I wish they had it in single serve packages so I didn’t have to worry about it going stale once I opened it. I’m almost sorry I ordered the sampler box from them a few weeks ago because now I just keep ordering more stuff.

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