My List

This is my list of my physician diagnosed medical conditions. Starting from the top down


Migraine associated vertigo

Meniere’s Disease

I have another diagnosed vestibular disorder which for some reason I just cannot land on the name of! It’s a malformation of the ear drum or canal and causes this weird reaction to loud noises or certain frequencies. My Neuro-otologist did a test that involved a tuning fork next to my ear and the whole room went freaking sideways! It’s crazy.

Hearing loss – caused by the above conditions

Tinnitus- probably caused by one of the above

Broken sinuses – caused by a reaction to a chemo drug I was on for a short time. So my nose runs constantly


Super dry mouth – caused by chemo meds

AutoImmune thyroiditus – which means my body ate my thyroid.

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Herniated cervical disc – probably caused by the TOS

Only one normal kidney

A mass of scar tissue at the top of one lung which is annoying AF

Radiation damage to my intestines

I now have the bonus of recurring UTI’s apparently which is probably due to my long term use of my chemo med.

Bursitis in my hips


Lymphedema in my legs

Flat Feet, with bone spurs and plantar fasciitis

Skin like paper. Everything scars.

Oh, and cancer.

I am starting to believe that the reason I have this ridiculously long list is because when I am talking to a nutrition client or cancer patient and they say I was just diagnosed with “this” my answer is always, OH! I HAVE THAT TOO and this is what I do! All of these things were diagnosed after the age of 42. I cannot tell you how helpful the last 10 years of research have been for me.

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