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Social Pressure or Social acceptance. I am sitting here watching the news and listening to the small list of people who are being diagnosed with Covid-19 in the inner workings of the White House. I wish the staffers and elected & appointed officials would set a better example and just go ahead and wear a mask. Even if it is not all the time. Wear it, take it off when you step on camera and then put it back on.It is the imagery in this case that is needed.
In my ideal world 90% of the population would just wear masks all the time they were in public. period. Not just cause of the safety factor but because it will normalize it.

If you are in the grocery store and the only person wearing a mask Because you have a compromised immune system you might feel uncomfortable and self-conscious but if you are surrounded by people wearing masks it is all normal. Other countries have been doing it for years. Not just because of viruses but because of air pollution and allergens. How nice would it be to cut some of your spring hay-fever symptoms down?

I dislike wearing a mask, but I am getting used to it. I had my infusion at the cancer center on Thursday and I have to tell you I do feel safer protecting myself when I am out and about.

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