I have nothing to say

But yet, here I am. 🙂

I was thinking today about letting go of people. My nature is to be helpful and to make all the people love me. What do you think the chances are that all the people I have run into in the last five decades were good kind people who didn’t take advantage of that?

As time has gone on I have learned to be more discerning about who I give my thoughts to and have been able to eliminate certain people from my life. But today I was thinking, did I really? There are so many people to whom I was always a convenience and generally I recognize that and worked through the process of letting go of any anger but then when I see their name or something reminds me of them I still get that little pressure in my chest that for me is an anger or sadness gauge.* If they still affect me emotionally then I haven’t let go, have I? So then the question becomes, do I need to?

My answer for today is no. I can still care what people think, or wonder how they are and hope the best for them without letting them interfere with my own well being. So for those of you to whom I am an afterthought, an acquaintance that you can reach out to when you’re in need but never ask or care about my family or myself, it’s okay. I will still hope for the best for you and your family.

*whenever I see the word gauge in print I pronounce it incorrectly

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