Everything Old is New Again

Well after two glorious weeks of sleeping like a bear in hibernation with fun detailed dreams the last two nights have been an intro do the 3:30 am wake-up cycle. Hopefully this will not last too long.

I spent quite a bit of the awake time pondering what could control these cycles, and would I really want to know when I was about to start getting short-sleeped? Someone due a biorhythm chart for the last three weeks, k?

Oh, I also listened to a very interesting Invisibilia Podcast about an cyber-hacking for hire company in India.

Dental cleaning appointment today, chemo Thursday. I must remember to call and schedule eye-doctor appointment. I am way overdue. I do not think my remaining cataract has gotten much worse which is both good and bad. I sure would like to get it fixed.


there’s always online option right?

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