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My week has been a blur, not in a particularly good way. I dislike weeks that basically just drift away which is what this one did. Chemo Tuesday meant Wednesday and Thursday were low energy, low brain power. Fatigue is a real thing. Feeling almost human today but the smoke hovering over our little valley of Toledo means being careful about outside time.

I have spent some trying to figure out how to get the Interrobang punctuation mark on my iPad but iPad says no unless I install new keyboards or just cut and paste. Maybe later I will research Android and have it on my phone. It is just such a fun way of saying WTF. 🙂

I have also been on an unintentional shopping spree this week. I ordered some OTC hearing aids. I have one hearing aid that I spent a small cars worth of money on nine years or so ago but my ears are too small and it hurts so I can only wear it every two or three days. It also eats batteries. One every time I use it. I think it is just lovely that they finally allowed OTC hearing aids. The first time I was quoted for ONE hearing aid it was $3500 dollars. For ONE. I discovered a significant cost savings by getting them through Costco Hearing Centers but still very expensive. The inexpensive ones I just ordered are $89 for two that I have since learned are not left/right specific and they are rechargeable. Are they the same as the $3500 ones? No. They are not fined tuned to my frequencies. Do I care? I just want to understand language even when people are standing on my right side. I have also read that they will help with tinnitus which would be a bonus.

I bought new filters for my air cleaners that turned into also buying a new air cleaner because it was a deal too good to pass up and includes a washable filter.

I am also waiting for a delivery of Iron (for my body, not welding). My blood work shows might be a little problem there. This is only annoying because I use to take a supplement but when I ran out I stopped. Because I am stupid sometimes.

I am also waiting for a hose. I bought a new 50ft collapsible hose and they sent me a 25ft hose in a 50ft package and it has been a week of chasing messages. We agreed on a half refund and I ordered a 50ft from some other place.

So next week will be like freaking Christmas morning every day.

Oh – also some Kind Bar minis. I have a subscription and it is due today I think.

I would like to show you my boxers.

I bought these so long ago, I want to say 25 years. My kids were very small and I saw them hanging on a clearance rack at KMart for a couple of dollars. At that time we were so poor that is was a big splurge! They keep me humble. We have gone through years that they were too small, and years when they were shoved in the back of a drawer and forgotten. But here they are. Do you know your oldest piece of clothing?

Going out to dinner tonight so that will be nice.


  • Kelly J

    June 12, 2023 at 3:36 pm Reply

    Love the boxer story. Glad your feeling better. I have cloths that now fit again as well since loosing some weight after finding out surprise diabetes. I have a size zero pair if jeans I kept that I wore when I was first dating my husband. Palmettos was the brand. Love kind bars..keto friendly, low sugar & carbs😄

    • Tracy

      June 12, 2023 at 4:54 pm Reply

      Uhg on the diabetes. Also – a size freaking zero??? I think I fit into a size 2 for exactly 4 and a half minutes once. 🙂
      I keep boxes and boxes of the kind bar mini’s around because they are so easy to just grab and so much better for us than the Kit-Kat bars I also usually have around.

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