Auld Lang Syne

Okay first I am happy that I actually knew how to spell that.

Things. So many things. My family all seems to be in a state of flux again. Everyone making changes, big and small. That is always unsettling and in my roll of feeling responsible for anything and everything it adds stress to me.

We had a crisis of the car accident kind on Tuesday and I was (am) so stressed about it Ithink it actually made me physically sick on Tuesday. That has not happened to me for many years.

Today I am going for a pedicure with my 2 nieces. They do it every month as a sister thing and are kind enough to let me join this time. They will do mani/pedi’s but this week I did a bad grab and split two fingernails down the middle and still have pain in my broken finger so I bailed on the finger part.

We upgraded our living room television yesterday to a 4K smart tv so the old living room tv is now in the bedroom. It looks very large in here! It is nice to be able to turn it on and find the news without having to put my glasses on. Speaking of glasses, I am already starting to get antsy waiting for my next eye dr appointment which I think is not until April! I hope my not quite bad enough right eye cataract is there now so I can get it fixed. Having one of them fixed and not the other is annoying.

Yesterday I upped my running speed and did not fall off the treadmill. Kind of a big deal for me. 🙂

My husband and I saw The Price is Right Live on Tuesday night. It is the traveling version of the television show. It was fun! Sadly we did not get called and did not win anything. A new car would have been handy this week.

Have you seen what is going on in Hong Kong?

Benny has face warts (CPV) and has been banned from daycare until they are gone. Since it is also now cold out and I can not tolerate the cold anymore the poor little puppy has so much energy to burn! I sure hope they go away soon.

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