Another Story from my previous Life

A couple of decades ago I went on my first trip to Massachusetts. I think it was Waltham but it could have been Woburn. I can’t remember which one was first. My boss at the time, Todd, picked me up from the Airport in Boston and took me on a quick driving tour. I asked him to stop at a store so I could grab a bottle of wine so I could sleep that night.

So, we stopped at this liquor type store and we were in there for awhile, it was just him and me, and the man at the register who looked like your typical tough Bostonian middle aged guy. Todd and I were sniping back and forth and joking around as we did, and I seem to remember him making fun of me because I was old and tired, as he did regularly since I am 10ish years older than him.

We got up to the register and Todd said something to the man behind the counter to which the man replied in the thickest Boston accent I have ever heard, “Well son, I think you better ask your mother there about that.”

It was an amazing introduction the New England sense of humor.

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