A Ghost in my Bathroom

A True Story of a Soft Mind

I do not believe in ghosts. I believe that when someone dies, that’s it. Pfffttt….gone. They are not going to come back and hang out in my house. BUT…I spend a lot of time alone and I have a very vivid imagination so sometimes (frequently) I get spooked by things that are only in my head, or are they?

Earlier this week I started watching Midnight Mass on Netflix, which is not about ghosts but it tries to have a lot of suspense and a few good jumps so it does make my imagination fire up just a tad. The other night I was going to bed and I kept smelling bad men’s cologne. The kind you find at the dollar store. I thought it was weird, but I am super sensitive to smells and my window was open so maybe one of my neighbors had a guest walk by who had bad taste in cologne.

Next day I go into the bathroom to take a shower and when I get out I am just smacked n the face by the smell again. Is some creepy man hanging out in my bathroom at night? Maybe they’re in the crawl space and it’s drifting up?

I can be very logical so I start looking around the bathroom for anything new that might be giving off this scent. Most of the things I buy that have scent are using essential oils because I am sensitive to smells and artificial scent can sometimes give me a headache. I can’t find anything. I have a couple of new sample size products so I open and smell them but it’s definitely not them. Brush it off, go on about my day.

That night, walk into the bathroom and there it is again. Now I’m starting to get really annoyed. My bathroom smells like a just hit puberty boy trying to cover up his own stench. Is one haunting me? In my bathroom???

This goes on for a couple of days. There is no source for this smell. It just occasionally wafts up at me from the bathroom and makes me start looking over my shoulder. I’m afraid to look in the bathroom mirror when it’s steamy because I might suddenly see something staring back at me.

Well to my rescue is garbage day. You think I’m going to tell you I emptied the garbage and the smell suddenly disappeared, right? WRONG! I emptied the garbage and suddenly an hour later the smell was so strong!! But at least that’s when it finally clicked in my head. New bathroom garbage bags. Lysol Scented. That’s all they had in this size. I never buy scented garbage bags because they are generally disgusting but I never expected them to smell like a juvenile lothario!

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  • Susan Joos

    October 1, 2021 at 8:48 pm Reply

    Oh my gosh! Lol! Totally unexpected!

    I can’t trust my sense of smell any more. It can conjure up the stench of cigarette smoke when there is no possible source.

    I hear you about having a good imagination and scary/suspenseful movies. I can’t watch that stuff although I am better about it than I used to be. I just figured if I could imagine & be bothered by creepy stuff, then I could jolly well imagine good things just as well! Sometimes that even works…😆

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