Also…Fear of Success?

In an excellently timed podcast listen today I heard Adam Shenkman say “when someone would congratulate me I would wince and get angry”. It was a little gut punch for me because it is exactly what I do!

I want to do well, I want to succeed, I want to be admired and respected and loved. But….. I don’t want you to tell me I am any of those things. I paused the podcast and spent some moments trying to track the feeling, see if I could figure out the roots. I can’t give you specifics but I can tell you it’s related to not-bragging. When I think about standing up and saying “I DID THIS AND I AM HAPPY WITH IT” I immediately hear a voice scoffing and saying I am bragging and just too full of myself.

Anyone else? Is that just my own twisted mind?

Here…I did this:

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