Work Memories

I was working at my desk and someone in the room asked me if I was fake typing because “no one types that fast”. They were serious. :). I always suggest a clicky keyboard if you are a fast typer.

I discovered someone had been stealing. It was terrible. I suspected it and then I investigated and collected proof.

I was in a meeting and had a plastic spoon in my coffee. I picked up the spoon and it had melted in half. I burst out laughing at an inappropriate moment. Someone looked at me and said “make your coffee a little strong?”.

I was a waitress for many years. I started out working at Denny’s on third shift. It was a very good job for me. It taught me a lot. I learned how to get along with people and how to be outgoing because that’s how you made money. I learned attention to detail, because that’s how you made money. I’ve always said everyone should have to work in a restaurant. In a Denny’s on 3rd shift the busiest times were on the weekends and holidays when the bars closed. The busiest of them all was New Years Eve. One year all of the other wait staff called off work. It was me and the manager for the entire restaurant. It was INSANE. We had a very large percentage of customers who actually worked at bars so many of them were very understanding, the rest were all just drunk. I made a freaking fortune that night.

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