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This morning I opened my refrigerator to get milk for my coffee and saw the things and remembered that I had gone to the farm stand yesterday! Melon for breakfast, green beans and corn for lunch today! August in Ohio is a bounty of foods I like.

After not eating much for a month or so yesterday was a full on feast day! I went to the Thai place for breakfast/lunch with my daughter so a lovely bowl of ginger rice soup to start and then a nice plate of pineapple fried rice with tofu (no egg, I do not like the egg in my fried rice) for main. Then home where I munched on a leftover brookie! A chocolate brownie with a layer of chocolate chip cookie. It as small and thin and rich, just the way I wanted it. Then fresh corn on the cob for lunch and then another brookie! THEN cheese & crackers & olives for a late dinner.

I went to the clinic yesterday to get my once a month shot. This shot goes in my rear and frequently causes lumps that do not go away for a bit. So yesterday I have a new (for me) nurse and she says I have a note here that we did left side last month so..and I stop her and say we need to do left again. I have a lump on the right that has been there for three or four months. Then one of the other nurses wanders in (hey shot queen) and they start conferring over my lump. The weird things I go through. Luckily the lump finally started getting smaller in the last week or two so next month no conference over my ass.

I watched a food documentary last week and now I do not know what will happen when I have to buy vegetables at the supermarket. These things get stuck in my head and cause me all sorts of problems.

MB – in answer to your question last week – no. I had a disagreement with my pulmonologist last year and have never been back since. I do not trust him and I just do not like him. But apparently the answer to everything is just more inhalers and I hate the stupid inhalers. I might talk to my primary when I go in next month and see if he has a recommendation.

Okay! Off to do some yoga and weights. My husband is in the room with my bike so no cardio. I should really move it downstairs.


  • itsmemb

    August 16, 2023 at 6:38 pm Reply

    It sounds like a great food day yesterday. I am so glad you were able to find so many yummy choices. I love fried rice with egg except none of the restaurants do that around here. I had corn earlier this week.

    I agree with you on the inhalers. If I don’t use an inhaler I cough constantly and I hate the inhaler, too. Also, if I don’t use it I have a harder time breathing which can trigger a panic attack so I’m stuck but, yeah, I hate them, too.

    Really, a shame that the doc was such a jerk. I hope your primary has some ideas for you.

    I had an issue with one of the employees at my pulmonologist’s office. She wouldn’t stop calling to set up an appointment. I was trying to juggle multiple appts at the time and since I need Craig to take me, I have to work around his work schedule, too. The woman couldn’t seem to understand that. Anyway, I told her don’t ever call again and now I need a different doctor.

    I am always amazed on how well you deal with all of the weird, annoying crap. It helps me when I get frustrated with my version of weird, annoying crap. Kind of like if Tracy can do it so can I. Thanks!

    Cute picture of Benny!

    • Tracy

      August 17, 2023 at 1:39 pm Reply

      It is the smell of the egg I don’t like in my rice. Even though I eat egg 🍳 The Thai place we go has a pineapple fried rice that they put cashews on. Mmmmmmm so good! Did I pay for all that food in a miserable day yesterday, yup! But sometimes it is worth it.
      What kind of inhaler do you use? I am 100% sure I have asked before but I do not remember, sorry. I do not mind my symbicort but I hate the heart fluttery feeling after the albuterol.
      Maybe pulmonology and the employees thereof have some sort of special personality trait that makes them asses?

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