Time for a new HashTag

I was thinking this morning. Well, I can’t tell you what I was really thinking about because it was mean and I try not to spread too much meanness this early in the day. But I ended up thinking about the #karen. I admit I think it’s funny, though misnamed. I don’t know anyone named Karen who fits the joke. I mean the original #Karen wasn’t a Karen, she was a #Kate

Before she was a Kate, she was a Soccer Mom.

What I was pondering this morning was the question of the male equivalent. I thought back to all the men in my life who assumed power over me. Who treated me like they were more everything than me.

Was there a common name? Bob? Dave? George? Sadly, no there really wasn’t a common name, so many names fit. So then I had to start doing tally’s. How many Bobs did I know who were the backslapping, feet up on desk, let me get that for you little woman types? Well, tons of them. How about Dave’s? So many. George? Well, only a couple but I’ve only known a couple in my life. The winner of most common name for a Good Old Boy – was…drumroll?

It was Mike. I have known more Mikes in my life than any other name, at least that comes to mind right now. Since I have known more Mikes then it stands to reason I have known more #Mike ‘s in my life.

So here’s to a new hashtag. #Mike for every man who took a screwdriver out of my hand. #Mike for every man who complimented my looks while I was in the middle of doing something complicated that he could not have done. #Mike for every man who assumed I was a receptionist (including ones who worked with me) #Mike for every man who asked a little girl if she had any boyfriends (you sound creepy as fuck, don’t do that)

Please don’t assume I think all Mike’s fit this. Those of you who don’t, well you know who you are, those of you who do? You probably have no idea. If you’ve ever done any of those behaviors above, you’re a #Mike. If you’ve ever commented on a female public figure’s looks and not on her male counterparts? You’re a #Mike.

I was going to do a closing paragraph with a list of all the other names that may or may not fit the criteria and then I ran into this graphic. I wonder if there is also one for Weak Girls Names.

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