Time for a list of nothing

  • I really just came here to whine
  • Many many nights of disrupted sleep again, finally sleeping solidly last night Benny wakes up at 3:30 to get rid of the pieces of plastic toy he ate two days ago. Everyone up and chaos ensues for an hour. ugh
  • Supposed to be nice today, maybe I will go to the Dog park. Not many warm sunny days left, don’t want to waste it.
  • I am tired of something always hurting. 🙁
  • Back to chemo tomorrow. My facebook tells me I took a break at the exact same time last year.
  • I’m starting to miss typing. Need to start a story in my head to put down on the screen.
  • Someone in my family had something happen yesterday that was ridiculous in a stupid terrible abuse of power by the police way. I can’t give any details because it’s not my story and hopefully there will be legal action and it is frustrating me that I cannot rampage and shout it from the modern day rooftops, social media.
  • I’m back up to 2 miles on the treadmill but am really trying hard to not do it everyday so I don’t trash my joints. I am all about patterns so I need to do it every day so that I keep doing it. Frustrating.
  • I have been taking extra care of my face in the last couple of months and my skin looks so much better. Today I am going to try a coffee bubble mask I think. I need a mask for my whole body!
  • For anyone with cats, I switched to a cat litter subscription service with silica cat litter and am so pleased. There is 100% no smell now.
  • I think I am going to combine a bunch of recipes and try a new insta-pot creation next week. Will need people to come eat at my house.
  • Must get out of bed now. We’re all so tired today.
Frank is carefully laying on the bedspread. He likes to feel special


  • mb

    October 9, 2019 at 5:19 pm Reply

    The bad sleep or lack of sleep really disrupts so much of life. Sorry that you are struggling with that.

    I feel bad that you always have something hurting. That really gets old and hard to deal with. Combine that with lack of sleep and life gets very difficult.

    I just watched the movie Crash. There is a scene in there where an officer really abuses his power. It made me sick. I am sorry for whoever had the problem.

    I hope today is a better day. I hope you can find your joy.

  • Susan Joos

    October 10, 2019 at 10:10 am Reply

    I don’t know why Facebook didn’t show this to me yesterday. It’s frustrating to think of how many posts I must miss.

    Constant pain is no small thing. I have arthritis so it is with me in at least some small way always, and sometimes more, but I am lucky that at least sometimes I can take pain relievers for some relief at times (can’t take them too often, & sometimes they just don’t work at all). I am sorry you can’t get away from it; it can wear you down so much!

    I don’t like the feeling of the good weather dwindling away; I think that’s why I don’t like Fall any more, even though there are some glorious days, like yesterday. Did you see Saturday’s forecast?! Yikes!

    Glad you found a good cat litter. That can be so hard to cope with. My sense of smell is unreliable now, but it used to be very sensitive to odors.

    I really enjoyed your dog park pictures yesterday! You got some great action shots, and even better, some wonderful animal expressions, which is hard!

    Hope you have an unexpectedly nice day today!

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