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My mind is going 100 MPH for some reason. A combination of all the dugs and a good night sleep I am sure. 🙂
So here’s my current question. If you were to get a physical old-fashioned letter in the mail, who is the one famous person that would cause you to gasp and clutch your pearls? Who’s letter would you frame and keep in a place of pride?

I’m not a big fan/follower of anyone in particular, I don’t swoon so much at celebrity but I am of course not immune! For instance I have my Leonard Nimoy autographed trading card that I received when I bought a t-shirt from his photography site. I just love it. (Wait right here, I’ll go grab it and take a picture)

Honestly my first thoughts seems so nerdy! Like Stephen King reading his book) or Barrack Obama (for historical significance) or Anderson Cooper adorableness, realness and just all around good guy ness. Maybe John Cena I just think he seems like such a decent guy while still being normal (ish)


  • Susan Joos

    May 29, 2020 at 1:00 pm Reply

    I can’t really think of anyone! I would be happier with a real letter from someone I know personally. Because most people, no matter how famous, are just…people. To me. 🙂 Maybe I just don’t know about the right people!

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