Monday Morning Musings

Can you imagine if our elections gave us feelings of positivity? What if the whole campaign process was one giant celebration of the USA process of democracy. What if we celebrated victories of political candidates the same way we celebrate sports victories. The months leading up to elections filled with training and comradery. Like tennis greats, not MMA champs. Election night the candidates get together and shake hands, no brawl breaks out, just slapping on the back and handshakes all around as Americans are allowed to choose a candidate based on facts not attacks.

Also – I have mad respect for Ginger Zee. She uses social media as a platform for change. She is who she is and doesn’t tolerate garbage. She talks about important topics and when someone responds with a comment on her looks she calls them on it. Can you imagine working hard to get to her position and then only having people comment on your clothes, your looks, your body?

Starting to feel like a normal person again after Thursday’s chemo. It’s definitely taking it’s toll more than it used to. I think something has to give soon. So many years now.

I have to take a certain amount of continuing education credits every couple of years so I will start a class this week….if I can put down my crochet. I am such a weirdo.

It’s Mermaid Week again!

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