Just a moment of whining

I was sick last night. Went to bed early, asleep by 10:30, woke up at 12:30 with all the ick. It’s fine, it’s reasonably normal for me, and I know what caused it. That is not what I want to whine about.

I have a thing in the bottom of my foot, nerve, muscle tendon, whatever that is gently cramping. I can think of no other way to phrase it. It’s not especially painful. Like just barely touching a bruise and stopping as soon as you notice discomfort. But it is saying Hello to me with basically every heart beat. So like every three seconds, since about 2am. So I finally fall back asleep at 3:30 am but wake up every 10 minutes or so to stretch my foot! This is not a good reason to not get enough sleep!

I laugh at myself and my bizarre physical ailments daily, but not having enough sleep on the day before Christmas one of two days out of 365 that my family gathers is JUST NOT COOL!

On the other hand – tomorrow I will be back to normal. 🙂

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