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I wish I could get back to semi-weekly blogging. It is such a good way to keep memories of the smaller things. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone back to my blog to look for a specific date that something happened.

This morning I hit the lowest weight I have been since I got really sick a few years ago with the MAC infection. I mean, I’m still fine, I have 3 pounds to lose before I’m sitting (or standing on the scale) at my “goal” weight, but its just weird. I’m having trouble eating the last few months. Everything just sounds bad and since I have a persnickety appetite that is easily turned off, it’s been trying. I did lose about a size before I lost any weight with just toning things which I don’t mind at all!

Today we went to Walmart. We really do try not to do that too often. The parking lot is bad, the store is chaos, and it’s just not fun, but I needed something specific for my Christmas placecards and I was having trouble finding it. Walmart to the rescue. I also bought a bunch of vegetarian frozen dinners & snacks so perhaps I’ll be quickly putting on all that weight plus some extra. BUT the reason I brought up walmart was to tell you the Avocado story.

On a whim I picked up an avocado to add to my salad, there was a big bin of $0.88 avocado’s that all looked pretty ripe so yay me! We went to the self checkout, which is a necessity at our walmart and when my husband scanned the avocado it said “item not found”. Cool… it activated the little come help us light and there were two cashiers in the area. Unfortunately they were emptying cash out of the machines and by the time they were ready to help people there were four sets of people waiting for them. We were third in line. Eventually the nice cashier came over it was all laughter and smiles as we tried to remember how to spell avocado, then she asked us if we had proof that it was $0.88, Uh….no. It’s in a big bin over there thought….we finally got it, finished checking out. Added a few extra minutes of wait time, no biggie. Just Walmart.

Got home – no avocado! You know she found it sitting somewhere after we left and laughed and laughed! LOL

OH, before we went to Walmart we stopped at Kohls so my husband could grab a pair of jeans and I have a funny story about Sephora but I’m tired of typing so I will just tell you that there were approximately 35 people in line when we got in line! NO exaggeration! Crazy.

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