I miss my hair

This day showed up in my FB memories yesterday.

My first thought was OH! I miss my hair! It was just a few months before I lost my hair. That was quite a few years ago and my hair has certainly grown back but all of my life I have had very fine hair and when it came back after losing it to chemo it is even finer! It just doesn’t look good when it gets too long.

I think I am a reasonable amount of vain and it only goes through my mind as nostalgia. Certainly the fact that I am still alive after all this time trumps the loss of long flow locks.

Also I have hit the age where all of my pictures in the last 20 years show clothes that I still own and wear regularly. I really need to throw stuff out.

Wait! Before I go – took the kinesio tape off my back yesterday. Woke up with a sore shoulder and a headache . Coincidence?

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